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Pixelnomial Studios is a design and development studio that thrives on providing elegant solutions for interesting projects.  The studio consists of a multidisciplinary team who's skills include 3D modelling/animation/printing, UI/UX design, application/web/game development, R&D/prototyping, design, branding and much more. 

Our projects say more about us than these long winded blurbs.

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The 30,000 square foot building is a state-of-the-art technology centre converted into a thriving hub of opportunity.  The  interior space is designed to connect and empower industry, investors, makers, the research community and other key partners locally and across the regional ecosystem. Venture13 provides a pathway for the commercialization of innovation, for economic development and diversification.

Bonkers is a fun, digitally enhanced board game that will amuse the whole family.  With multiple modes of play and  awesome collectables, Bonkers delivers hours of enjoyment regardless of age.



Blending popular match 3 puzzle game mechanics with the nostalgia of Rubick's Cube. Rotate rows and columns of cubes and match as many of 1 color as possible creating a Blitz.  Blow the Blitz to bitz.

GooglePlay link to QBlitz


We're never short of ideas.  They just keep piling up.  Probably start handing them out and see what other people can do with them.


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