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Essential Information

The 3D artist will work on many aspects of media production to create assets for video games, cinematics, marketing materials, 3D printed prototypes and more. They are responsible for the the original creation of animation and graphics, using both illustration and computer programs. The 3D Artist will participate in the creation of storyboards that are used as reference and overview of a project's final form. The Artist will also edit animation and its corresponding effects after receiving feedback from the Crew. The 3D Artist must also be present for concept pitches and brainstorming sessions in order to impart their creative knowledge early in the creative process.

Job Description
  • collaborate with the rest of the Crew

  • generate conceptual art

  • design assets to be used for prototyping including;

    • digital content

    • toys and hardware

  • create assets for games and applications

  • provide assets for promotional materials including;

    • websites

    • publications

    • internal

  • conduct design reviews

  • demonstrate prototypes for staff and management

  • document asset creation process

  • keep up with and experiment with new technologies and methodologies

  • QA

Knowledge Base
  • Blender

  • Unity

  • Adobe Suite


$80,000.00 annually

If this position is of interest and you are looking to be part of a small, passionate, tight knit, innovative team that exists on the outside of convention, then please click the APPLY button and fill out the form.  We can't wait to meet you.

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