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Pixelnomial Studios has created the worlds first, digitally enhanced, board gaming platform.


This licenseable platform invites collaboration between toy brands, development studios and board gaming companies in a way like never before.


Pixelnomial Studios identified opportunities for the global toy and gaming market to promote toy collection, social gaming, and connectivity on multiple levels through a single platform.  Building on the success of the toys to life market, pioneered by Activision Skylanders and repeated by the likes of Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions and Nintendo Amiibo, Pixelnomial Studios has expanded the concept and created an open platform, for anyone to license, to create board gaming experience like no other.


There are no limitations to the types of games that can be created with the Hexle.  Digitally enhanced chess games.  Strategy games that use entire collections of toys.  Turn based adventure games.  Real time board games. The opportunities are endless.


3 guys working in the maintenance closet of a Kale Chip factory in Cobourg.  These were the conditions under which the Hexle was born.  Pixelnomial always had an interest in interactive toys.  Something that could be held but also could have utility.  We started by making a simple 3D printed toy of our mascot that had a single RGB LED in it's antenna and a crappy little speaker inside.  As games were played on a mobile device, the toy chirps and lights up in colors, displaying patterns reacting to user activity...and that was cool, however, this prototype posed serious questions regarding it's deployment.  Each toy would be very expensive, the competition would have much deeper pockets and the technologies being employed would be too much for our modestly funded team.


The group went back to the drawing board.   And a platform was born.

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